“No one ever wakes up in the morning and says, “”I want to marry an alcoholic who will make the next 33 years of my life hell on earth.””  You marry someone because you are twenty-two, are in love, and think you can make a life together.  But love-struck twenty-two year olds don’t always have eyes that see and ears that hear.” Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me, by Ian Morgan Cron.

We don’t intend to have relationships which are problematic, chaotic, or destructive, yet we may find ourselves “chewed up and spit out” years down the road.  We may feel defeated, or disillusioned, or lost, or angry, or all of the above.  Yet the amazing thing about human beings is that we always have possibilities.  Possibilities, to choose and work and struggle to make things new and different.  It is this process of refining which can make our lives invaluable.

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Coaching for Life

The most important things of life, our relationships with others, take effort.  Relationships don’t just “maintain” at a good level, we need to nurture and respect them by tending to them.  Maintain contact with those you love by simple methods of staying in touch.  A phone call, an e-mail, or a card or note in the mail will often times come at just the right time, and don’t take a huge amount of effort.  Stay in touch!

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Building Foundations for Life and Relationships

Wow most times when life happens, it rarely happens the way we expect.  In the last month I have had so many unexpected life experiences of death, that it has taken me off guard. It shouldn’t, yet it has taken me by surprise.  Death comes to us all, yet I have a tendency to feel like it is far off, but here it is touching my life in people who are not expected to die – yet.   Young people have years to live ( my brain screams ) but here they are, in reality, leaving earth way too soon.  This makes me evaluate and realize how precious life is and checking whether I am living my “life story” as well as possible.  When death comes, as it will come to us all, will I be able to say I lived my best story possible? I hope so.  I hope I continue to appreciate those who come into my life, and let them know it, while they are here!

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